Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service 
APRIL 5-7, 2019
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2018-2019 Association of Virginia Ruritans Officers
(see AVR Officers page for information
about the AVR Board)
 The Association of Virginia Ruritans held the
Spring Rally on April 13-15 at the Kirkley Hotel
in Lynchburg, VA.
Approximately 60 Virginia Ruritans and Ruritans
from North Carolina, West Virginia, and Ohio (including a visiting family member from Arkansas) enjoyed a well-planned and interesting weekend
in the Lynchburg area.
The weekend started on Friday night with a
Liberty University baseball game and ice cream social.  As 2002 National President
Millard Thacker said,
"We went to a ice cream social and
a baseball game broke out".
Saturday morning began with a delicious breakfast
at the hotel and the AVR Business Meeting.
The meeting was very informative and we heard 
from several folks with good Ruritan information.
Secretary Report - Secretary Graham
Registration and Treasurer Report - Treasurer Carol
Foundation - Jayson Duncan
National Convention Comments - Joe Pancione
Leadership weekend - President-Elect Larry Cassell
Candidates remarks
Remarks - National President Guy
Homeless Student Project - National First Lady Linda
Nominations Committee - Bobby Burton
Founder's Day Comments - Clay Byrum
Officers Election 
Officers Installation - National President Guy Cox
The meeting adjourned near noon with a free
afternoon to tour either Liberty University
or the Old City Cemetery (dating back to 1806)
 Dinner Saturday evening was at the 
Main Street Eatery in downtown Lynchburg.
Sunday morning - we attended the praise and
worship service at the Thomas Road Baptist
Church - near the Liberty University campus.
We had the privilege to hear the Liberty
University School of Music preform during
the service.
What a wonderful way to conclude a 
wonderful Ruritan weekend.
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"The objective of the Association of Virginia
Ruritans shall be to provide fellowship and
goodwill among Virginia Ruritans and to provide
a network of communications between our Districts,
Clubs, and Members!"
Ruritans have been serving their communities since
May 1928 - please consider joining us or
ASK a friend or family member!

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