Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service 

!! Banners !!
This 2x6 full color banner only cost $19.80 and S&H is a flat $11.50! 
The company is called BingBanners and there website is bingbanners.com 
They typically ship the same day as ordered and never later than the 
next day ... their quality is excellent and they have the ability to 
do a banner up to 8' x 150 with no seams ... 

This company has printed tickets for the Rougemont Ruritan Club (NC) for
several years ... high quality ... great prices - excellent products. 

The tickets are numbered - the stub is easy to tear off and they are an
extraordinary value for non-profits ... they give a 10% discount to non
profits like Ruritan. 

     Rudy Bear    

      2019 President Larry      Making a Difference

       2018 President Guy         Sharing is Caring

        2017 President Danny     Together We Affect Change

         2016 President Calvin     Reach for the Stars

   2015 President Bobby      Walk the Walk       for Ruritan

         2013-2014 President Elliott        Get Excited!

          2013 President Dennie          Be The Reason

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